Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Note For My Readers

This entry is written in the interest of full disclosure. Since all writers, yes, even critics, are individuals with quirks, prejudices and shortcomings, I feel that you, having chosen to read this site, deserve to know mine. With that belief firmly established, what follows is a brief overview of who I am and what I endeavor to express through this blog.

1.My essay writing style is not entirely academic; it's more conversational in tone. If it helps to think of it as a lecture or commentary, rather than an essay, so be it.

2.I don't know everything there is to know about movies. Sure, I'm a film student, and I have had a rabid interest in the topic for most of my life, but there is still I have yet to learn. I look to you, my readers, to, respectfully, point out to me when I have made an error, or to enter into a debate with me when you disagree with a point I have made. I look forward to your input, both positive and negative (so long as it's not rude feedback) and how to create between us a constructive dialogue about film.

3.I profess to love all film, but am, admittedly, not the biggest fan of horror films, sequels or remakes. That is not to say I hate all films that fall into those categories, but if there are fewer reviews of these types of films on this site, it is because I don't tend to watch as many newer horror films, say, as I do dramas or comedy or even musicals. Ironically, you will find, that when I do like a horror film, or a remake, I truly defend it and recommend it to everyone who will listen.

4.Movie reviews may be for films no longer in theaters, or for films that have been in theaters for some time. Since I am not a professional film critic, I don't usually get to see a movie before it is released. Also, I am currently watching many classic films through Netflix for the first time. While I cannot promise a full review posted for every film I see, I will try to at least share quick hit thoughts on much of what I watch.

5.There are actors, directors and screenwriters that I absolutely adore. While I would hope to always be fair and honest in my critiques, I do understand that sometimes a critic will be less harsh on, or more accepting of a poor film or performance from a favorite performer. I hope to recognize this before it makes its way to you. However, I encourage you to call me on this if it becomes obvious. Unfortunately, a complete list of those I admire most would be too long to list here, but in the spirit of honesty, I will provide a protracted list:

Christian Bale
Martin Scorsese
Joss Whedon
Viggo Mortensen
Judd Apatow
Eddie Izzard
Johnny Depp
Steven Spielberg
Charlie Kaufman
Clint Eastwood
Jason Segel
Robert Downey, Jr.

6.Most people would argue that politics has no place in a film blog, be it essay or critical review, and I would tend to agree. However, it is extremely difficult to divorce oneself from one's political views when the film itself deals with politicized topics. I will always endeavor to look past my own point of view to judge each film on it's own merits, and I promise here and now never to use this blog solely as a forum for my political views. For those who are curious, and, again, in the spirit of full disclosure, I am a card-carrying Democrat.